Amy Speach, Firefighter and Fire District Secretary, BCSFD

Amy Speach

Firefighter and Fire District Secretary

Amy has been a member since 2004 when she joined as an Associate Member (now Department Support Member). She changed her status in 2005, moving into the Active Member / Firefighter role. She served as Vice President of the Fire Department from 2007-2009. Then as President from 2010-2012. In 2013 Amy was appointed to the position of Fire District Secretary.

Amy has also held the rank of Vice President and President of the Central Region Fire District Association of New York. She also is a member of the Onondaga County Fire Advisory Board.

Amy’s story with BCSFD actually begins before she joined the fire department. In 2002 her friend’s husband joined BCSFD and met a young man serving as Lieutenant at that time. As well-meaning friends tend to do, they introduced Amy to the Lt., they began dating and eventually married in 2005. That Lt. was Chief Matt Speach.

But wait…the story comes full circle…. Matt Speach joined the department after delivering some furniture to the BCSFD District Office. The District Secretary at that time, Kit Thompson, recruited him to join BCSFD. Now, the desk that Matt delivered is the very same desk that Amy sits at everyday as the current Fire District Secretary. Who doesn’t love a good fire department love story with a happy ending?

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